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2007 Edeiken Winner - Corey Jensen

We are writing to nominate for AKA’s highest honor, one of our most passionate members.

He is passionate about all kinds of kites and has sold them for more than 30 years. Eschewing

mass marketing and internet techniques, he prefers to teach customers one-at-a-time.

When power kiting first appeared, he embraced the new venue and became a leader in the buggy


In an Association of individuals and occasional characters, our nominee stands out more than

others. Perhaps it is his big booming voice that he uses to announce at events or auctions or

business meetings. Perhaps it is his searing, poignant, and occasionally bawdy stories. Perhaps

it is because he wore loud, unique, colorful clothing before anyone else did. Or perhaps it was

because he occasionally wore no clothing at all…

It is frightening to think that this nominee may be a trendsetter and role model among kiters. But

the truth is that we all emulate him in many ways.

Our nominee has been a driving force in the AKA – especially when we needed to get bylaws

changes adopted quickly. He led the Association for a year when no one else wanted the job and

now holds what he says is our highest office – past president..

We are proud to nominate for the Steve Edeiken Award, Mr. …… well, I’m not sure whose name

badge he is wearing tonight, but his name is Corey Jensen.

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