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A Mile Hi Kite Club (more)


Everyone is Welcome to GO FLY A KITE with us! Even if you just wanna Watch US fly kites please come see us, No RSVP necessary! Just show up. Please bring your cameras and post the pics Everywhere!

Springtime, March, April, May, is regarded as "Kite Season" in the United States, however YOU can Fly A Kite. ANYTIME there is WIND, Day or Night, Regardless of weather conditions (except for in a Lightning storm) and even Indoors without any wind whatsoever except for the movement of the kite by walking with it and pulling. 

We are here to encourage Everyone of All Ages to fly kites. Don't be discouraged by a kite you bought in the past that would not fly, or that there was no wind when you tried to fly it.

We will help you fly your Kite!

We suffer from lack of wind, or too much wind that breaks even our Carbon Fiber sticks or Spectra "strings" all the time being stranded in Colorado without a coastline. Thus it's less boring when we have other "Kite Addicts" to hang out with. 

We are an Affiliated Club of the American Kitefliers Association. Please Join the AKA! http://aka.kite.org...
so Yes, if you are an expert Kiter you came to the right website!

This association consists of all genre of Kiting.
Kite Fliers; Single Line, Dual Line (Sport, or Stunt kiting), Quad (4-line "REVOLUTION"kiting), Fighters (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. fly these one line kites in competition, as seen in THE KITE RUNNER movie.

Indoor Kiting without wind is becoming very popular. Lightweight Quad, Sport, and Fighter kites are used for this, also Wala Aerobe kites, which glide well.

Kite Boarders; In this area, we have some Land Boarding ( a mountain skateboard is used with a Traction Kite), Buggying (we would like to do more of), and Snow Kiting on Board or Skis in our Rocky Mountains.
We also have water Kiteboarding but limited. We have kiters travel to Lake McConnaughy Nebraska in the summer. We had Meetups there and would like to do more. This Meetup site has always been intended to be a contact point for kiteboarding, but we need more help from that community. For info on learning Kiteboarding, please contact our member, Justin Young, and other sources whom specialize in water or snow kiting.

We Fly at Clement Park in Littleton CO., adjacent to Columbine High School. Our Banner sports a Columbine Flower in memory of the Columbine High School shooting victims.

We also fly at Sandstone Ranch Park near Longmont, Hwy 119, east of Weld County Line Rd 1, between Hajek Chevrolet, and a new Wal Mart 

Kite boarders go to many mountain locations, including Dillon Reservoir, to board on snow and ice in winter.
Landboarders come to our above mentioned spots to fly, but we help them keep some areas discreet to protect them from being Banned from all of us due to inexperienced kiters having accidents or damaging the turf or other problems. One location is near an airport, so only suitable for low flying traction or sport kites. We discourage flying anything on lines longer than stunt kite or boarding kite lengths when near an airport. 

Many of us fly both traditional kites, And do Kiteboarding, mostly flying Trainer foils, and stunt kites.

We encourage everyone to join us here for FREE, even Kiters from outside this area, to stay informed on Kite News from Denver and the Front Range.

For more Information please call (720)237-2727

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16199 Green Valley Ranch Blvd #1323
Denver, CO 80239 US
Main Phone: (720) 237-2727
Web site: www.milehikite.com
Foothills Kite Club
1013 Paloverde Dr
Loveland, CO 80538-4039 US
Main Phone: (970) 302-9722
Gateway Kite Club
720 W 8th St
Washington, MO 63090-2014 US
Main Phone:
Web site: www.gatewaykiteclub.org
Kansas City Kite Club
PO Box 675
Lee's Summit, MO 64063 US
Main Phone:
Web site: www.kckiteclub.org
Midwest Winds Kitefliers Club
8005 S 166th St
Omaha, NE 68136-3154 US
Main Phone: 402-330-7271
Web site: www.midwestwindskitefliers.org
Topeka Kite Fliers
800 SW Grand Ct.
Topeka, KS 66606-2312 US
Main Phone:
Utah Kite Fliers
11853 S 1000 E
Sandy, UT 84094-5641 US
Main Phone: 813-368-0102
Web site: www.utahkitefliers.org
Wings On Strings Kite Club
1102 2nd PL NE
Jamestown, ND 58401-3705 US
Main Phone:
Web site: www.wingsonstrings.org


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A Wind of Change
2825 N. Rose Park Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84116 US
Main Phone: 702-736-1476
Flying High With Charon
5633 Carlton Dr
Saint Louis, MO 63049 US
Main Phone: (636) 677-3029
Have Kite Will Fly
2141 Essex
Casper, WY 82604-3417 US
Main Phone: 307-472-0753
Into The Wind
1408 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302-5307 US
Main Phone: (800) 541-0314
Web site: www.intothewind.com
Kansas Kite Connection
1806 16th St
Great Bend, KS 67530-4110 US
Main Phone: (316) 793-6164
Alt Phone: (316) 792-6549
Picture Pretty Kites
6512 N 44th St
Omaha, NE 68112 US
Main Phone: (402) 333-0322
Web site: www.pictureprettykites.com
Prairie Wind Kite Company
207 Cimarron Dr
Roseglen, ND 58775 US
Main Phone: 701-743-4500
Web site: www.prairiewindkites.com/
Rocky Mountain Ag
5668 E Hwy 160
Monte Vista, CO 81144 US
Main Phone: (719) 852-3241
Web site: www.airnav.com/airport/kmvi/rocky_mountain_ag
Rocky Mountain Flag Company
12293 E. Iliff Avenue
Aurora, CO 80014 US
Main Phone: 303 745-9035
Alt Phone: 800-437-3524
Web site: www.theflagcompany.us.com
Show Stopper Kites
600 Pine Ave
Gibbon, NE 68840 US
Main Phone: 308 240-9266
Web site: www.showstopperkites.com
Wind Heaven
2441 N Maize Rd STE 203
Wichita, KS 67205 US
Main Phone: (877) 604-WIND
Web site: www.windheaven.com
Wings of the Wind Kites
5420 E. Central
Wichita, KS 67208 US
Main Phone: 316 684-8383
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Updates and corrections must be sent to

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