Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resorts First Annual Kite Festival
(Sun Meadow Nudist Kite Fest)
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
06/13/2009 - 06/14/2009
Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort
30400 Sunray Trail
Worley, ID US
(AKA Region 9)
Fun Fly
Nudist kite fly fun for all. If you have always wanted to enjoy outdoors without clothes, this is your opportunity. We are a family resort and have family values.
For additional information contact:
Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort
30400 Sunray trail
Worley, ID 83876
Phone: 208-686-8686
Fax: 208-686-8687
See our map at

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