3rd Annual Brigantine Fighter Kite Open Competition
(3rd Brigantine Fighter Open)
An AKA Sanctioned Sport Kite Competition

Date & Location:
06/22/2009 - 06/24/2009
On the Beach
38th Street
Brigantine, NJ US
(AKA Region 2)
Fun Fly
Fighter Kite Competition
Three day fighter kite line touch competition with skills and Buka on Monday, the 22nd; open line touch on Tuesday, the 23rd; and an all bamboo challenge on the 24th.
For additional information contact:
Andrew Selzer
19 Penfield Ln.
Sicklerville, NJ 08081
Phone: 856-728-8870
South Jersey Kite Flyers
From Atlantic City, go over the inlet bridge by Harrah's Marina Casino (north end of AC) approximately 1/2 mile to second light, make right, and follow up to the beach about 3 three blocks.
All major hotel chains available in the Absecon, NJ, area and, then, there are the casinos. Easy to find a weekday room for $40.00 a night. Large beach area for single line kite flying. Come enjoy one of New Jersey's best beaches and best kept secret...

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