Michigan Kitefest
An AKA Sanctioned Sport Kite Competition

Date & Location:
06/11/2011 - 06/12/2011
Richland Township Park
7401 North 32nd Street
Richland, MI US
(AKA Region 5)
Fun Fly
Sport Kite Competition
Fighter Kite Competition
Sanctioned competition for dual line, quad line, and fighter kites. The event will run Saturday and Sunday. Registration will begin at 9:30am with pilots meeting following immediately after. There is plenty of room for big kites and single line fun flying too.


  • NIP 02 Circle, 07 Jump 08 Pyramid, 13 Steps
  • EIP 13 Steps, 15 LSI, 17 Wedge, 19 Launch, Circle and Land 2 Point
  • MIP 13 Steps, 14 Register, 18 Square Cuts, 19 Octagon
  • NIMP MI02 Ladder Up, MI03 Steps and Turns, MI07 Arc Circle, MI09 Clock Tower
  • EIMP MI04 - Two Down, MI16 Lollypop, MI18 Roman Ten, MI22 The Felix
  • MIMP MI08 Camel Back, MI15 Pivots, MI20 Lift, MI21 Diamond
  • EPP 06 Inverted Eight with Landing, 09 The Cliff, 17 Pairs Jump with Rolls, 15 Thread and Roll
  • MPP 06 Inverted Eight with Landing, 07 H, 09 The Cliff, 1616 Pairs Square Cuts and Landing
  • EMPP MP04 Two Down, MP05 Sticky Wicket, MP10 Parallel Boxes, MP11 Triangle Split
  • MMPP MP08 Double Diamonds, MP09 Lollypops, MP12 Split Squares, MP13 Pair Pivots
  • ETP DT02 Pick up Sticks, DT04 Team Hairpin, DT08 The Basket, DT11 Cascade
  • MTP DT03 Follow Flankup & Square, DT07 Sorted Rectangle, DT12 Loops & Vertical Threads, DT16 Team Square Cuts
For additional information contact:
David Bush
Phone: (269) 357-4032
Back 2 The Wind Kite Club
Richland Township Park
7401 North 32nd Street
Richland, MI US

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