Tug Hill Snowkite Festival
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
01/14/2012 - 01/16/2012
Lewis County
State Route 177
Lowville, NY US
(AKA Region 1)
Kite Surfing
This will be our 5th annual snow kite festival, powerkiting on the snow. Tug Hill is home to the largest windfarm in the east, and gets 300" of snow annually, so snow kiting is perfect here.
For additional information contact:
Bob Diehl
7660 N. State St.
Lowville, NY 13605
Phone: (315) 376-5972
Lewis County Department of Recreation
Visit lewiscountyrecreation.com; adirondackstughill.com; lewiscountychamber.org for more info.

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