Ashland Recreation Kite Making
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Date & Location:
Blue Hill Observatory Science Center
Top of Great Blue Hill off Route 138
Milton, MA US
(AKA Region 1)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Kitemaking
National Kite Month
A group of K through 8th Graders will be learning about the history of kites and weather observing at Blue Hill Observatory then will build their own kites with Program Director Don McCasland. This program is closed to the public but kite fliers are invited to fly in the field next to the Observatory to add excitement for the students.
For additional information contact:
Don McCasland
PO Box 187
Readville, MA 02137
Phone: (617) 696-0562
Fax: (617) 696-0419
The most popular trail up Blue Hill is the Red Dot which Starts in the Parking lot between Blue Hills Ski Area and the Trailside Museum. You can also walk the service road or the skyline trail. Call 617-696-0562 to get permission to drive the service road. In addition to flying space on the summit the ski area has room also.
The morning tour and kite making is limited to the students who have already registered. Kite fliers are invited to fly in the morning to add excitement for the students. Anyone is welcome to arrange a tour, bring their own kite to fly or buy a kite in the Observatory Gift Shop in the afternoon after the school group has finished. Call 617-696-0562 for more details or to book a program or tour.

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