3rd Annual Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort Nude Kite Festival
(Sun Meadow International Nude Kite Festival)
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Sun Meadow Resort
30400 S. Sunray Trail
Worley, ID US
(AKA Region 9)
Fun Fly
Kite Art Exhibit
Event starts mid-morning and runs until 4 PM. Kites are flown in the meadow that Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort is named after. Kite flying spectators are usually located in the outdoor pool area for best kite viewing. Very colorful event.
For additional information contact:
Mike Capshaw
Phone: (208) 686-8686
Fax: (208) 686-8687
Hwy 95 1.5 miles south of Worley, ID. Turn east on Conkling Road near mile marker 400. Go 3.7 miles to the Sun Meadow Gate. Dial 01 to be admitted for the Kite Festival.
Bring your own kite or buy one of ours.
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