5th Annual Fort Collins Kites in the Park
(Fort Collins Kites in the Park)
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Spring Canyon Park
S. Overland Trail
Fort Collins, CO US
(AKA Region 7)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Fly
Food Vendors
Kite Demos
Kite Art Exhibit
Fighter Kite Competition
National Kite Month
The 5th Annual Fort Collins festival was founded by John and Mary Farrell and organized by the City of Fort Collins.
From John,
5th Annual Fort Collins kite festival. Last year, under sunny skies, 4000+ people had a fun day flying kites, watching kite demonstrations, and just enjoying a community day in the park.
Free kite decorating for kids (keep the kite), contests with lots of prizes, vendors including yummy day in the park food, cultural displays, kite ballet, large show kites (octopus over 80 feet long), famous kiters such as Mix McGraw and his fabulous stacks of stunt kites, power kite demos, kite fights, and many more fun activities. This year the Quad Line Pairs team from Washington State, Carol and Cass Pittman, will be doing demonstrations and showing off their coordinated team flying skills. There will also be a Rokkaku Kite Battle in the afternoon if the winds allow. There will be audience participation.
Price FREE.
Put on by the City of Fort Collins and loads of helpers and volunteers.
If you would like more information or would like to volunteer send an email to kiteer.john@gmail.com
For additional information contact:
Robin McCracken
A Mile Hi Kite Club
Interstate 25, exit one of the Fort Collins exits and go all the way to the west end of town. Enter the park from the south end of S. Overland trail OR the west end of Horsetooth Rd. Overland is closest to the Festival.
Please contact John Farrell or contact Robin, who will forward info to John about kiters. The fields are usually designated appropriately,
i.e: Kids area, large kites, traction, demo area, sport kites, other SLK’s.

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