Salado Earthday & Kite Festival
(Salado Kite Fest)
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
Pace Park
Pace Park Road
Salado, TX US
(AKA Region 8)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Fly
Kids Kitemaking
Kite Vendors
Kite Demos
Join us for a fun filled day. First, let's put up a big kite just for fun. Now, let's go over to the kitemaking booth and make us a kite. The theme is Earth Day, so, when we get done making our kites, let's go join in some of the kite games and take a chance at winning a whimsical trophy. Hey, while we are waiting for the candy drops to start, let's go check out some of what is going on all over town. They have booths set up everywhere. Ya know when the whole town joins in "it’s just gotta be fun". Don't forget to watch some sport kite demos and feel free to join in "the more the merrier". Or just grab a spot and fly your kite at will. Whatever you do, "Have Fun". It’s going to be happening all day from 9:00am to 5:00 pm.
For additional information contact:
Stephanie Gaines / Family Fun Kites
Phone: (817) 360-2720

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