GLOBE To Fly Kites
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Date & Location:
03/29/2012 - 05/01/2012
Phoenix Magnet
4500 Lincoln Rd
Alexandria, LA US
(AKA Region 8)
Fun Fly
Kids Fly
National Kite Month

GLOBE, a science program, has recognized the young scientists in pre-k who are observing their environment. The use of the word kite has allowed the students to increase their vocabulary and study of phonemes and the syntax of the English language. Learning to write sentences is a higher order thinking skill for pre-k students. Songs about kites increase their vocabulary. The science of flying and the wind that is included in the defintion of weather or kind of weather becomes and exciting concept to students. The kite itself is a logo on our walls. The illustration of a kite allows them to apply their knowledge of geometry and manipulative skills that are used in writing and art. Most important the kite allows children to explore their imagination and to compare and contrast their use of magical kites.
For additional information contact:
4500 lincoln rd
alexandria, LA 71300
Phone: (318) 448-8421
Phoenix Magnet School
Students fly when the wind and ground make it possible

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