An AKA Sanctioned Sport Kite Competition

Date & Location:
06/29/2012 - 07/01/2012
Mitch Park
Edmond, OK US
(AKA Region 8)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Fly
Kids Kitemaking
Both Saturday and Sunday (June 30 and July 1) will be a family fun fly. There will be kiteflying demos of one, two and four line kites. Included in the activities will be kite making for the kids by Richard and Marti Dermer and candy drops from a kite. There will be a kite auction Saturday with special kites donated by kiters and at sun down a night fly with lighted kites (weather permitting). There will also be members of a local astronomy club joining us to allow attendees to enjoy the night sky. There will be a kite vendor for those needing kites.
The kitefest will be about 20 miles from the nearest airport and about 1/2 mile from the nearest power lines.
For additional information contact:
Terry Officer
Phone: (405) 341-5477

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