Discovery Museum FREE Family Kite Festival
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Date & Location:
Rotary Centennial Park
2625 S. College Avenue
Santa Maria, CA US
(AKA Region 11)
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The Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum’s 3rd Annual Free Family Kite Festival is sure to be a day of fun, learning, and lots of activity. Held in partnership with the City of Santa Maria Parks and Recreation Department, this FREE family event will be at the Rotary Centennial Park from 11 – 4 pm. The Santa Maria Valley is known for its springtime wind which is ideal for growing the many crops that sustain our community, but also makes it great for kite flying! The City of Santa Maria is blessed with a robust
and active Recreation and Parks Department who provides many beautifully maintained parks and open spaces and always focuses on healthy outdoor activities, especially those that support healthy development in children. The physical and philosophical
environment of the area might just be the perfect place for kite flying to really take off.
Because the area is perfect for kite flying, the Discovery Museum wants to use kites and
kite flying as a springboard for exploring design, wind energy, healthy exercise, and the family connectiveness that can come with simple outdoor pleasures like kiteflying. The obvious connection between kite flying and all that the City of Santa Maria has to offer is so great that the City Council is proclaiming April “Kite Month for the City of Santa Maria” and endorses the participation in the kite festival and all opportunities to fly a kite this Spring.
The April 22nd festival will take place on two fields at the Rotary Park. Field 1 will be the main field and will be the site where all the interaction with kites will take place. The festival begins 11 am with a Kite Tail Chase for children age 12 and under where prizes will be given to kids who can “catch” a kite tail. Kite Tail Chases will continue throughout the day so there are lots of opportunities to win and participate. There will be contests for the smallest kite, largest kite, best home made kite, most beautiful kite and oldest kite flier and youngest kite flier.
For additional information contact:
Kelly White O'Neill
705 S. McClelland
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Phone: (805) 928-8414

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