Westport Windriders Kite Club Festival
An AKA Sanctioned Kite Festival

Date & Location:
07/13/2012 - 07/15/2012
Ocean beach
Grayland, WA, WA US
(AKA Region 10)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Fly
Kids Kitemaking
Kitemaking Competition
Westport Windriders Kite Club annual kite festival.
For additional information contact:
Marla Miller
Phone: (253) 752-7051
Westport Windriders Kite Club Festival
Highway 105 to Grayland, WA and turn west at Grayland Beach Road. Follow the signs
Festival will have a Mass Ascension all 3 days, teddy bear drop, handcrafted kite competion, stunt kite flying, kids kitemaking and a banquet with auction and bag raffle on Saturday night.

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