Midwest Region Kite Competition
An AKA Sanctioned Sport Kite Competition

Date & Location:
Veterans Park
Lincoln Memorial Parkway
Milwaukee, WI US
(AKA Region 6)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kite Vendors
Food Vendors
Kite Demos
Sport Kite Competition
This will be a Sanctioned Sport Kite Competition. We will compete program style precision or league style and regular ballet events. If you have any questions, please contact Dave for more information.
There will be plenty of room for fun flying with a kite shop and food vendor at the location.

Novice IndividualDI 02CircleDI 03Circle Over DiamondDI 17Wedge
Experienced IndividualDI 05Lap and SnapDI 08PyramidDI 15LSI
Masters IndividualDI 11Split Figure EightDI 09OctagonDI 19Launch Circle and Land, 2 point
Experienced Individual Multi-lineMI 02Ladder UpMI 07Arc CircleMI 15Pivots
Masters Individual Multi-lineMI 17OctagonMI 19BumpsMI 22The Felix
Experienced Dual-line PairsDP 06Inverted Eight with LandingDP 11Meet AgainDP 17Pair Jumps with Rolls
Masters Dual-line PairsDP 03Pair Circle over DiamondDP 08TwistDP 16Pair Square Cuts and Land
Experienced Multi-line PairsMP 08Double DiamondsMP 09LollypopsMP 10Parallel Boxes
Masters Multi-line PairsMP 03Quadouble-SMP 11Triangle SplitMP 12Split Square
Experienced TeamDT 05Arch de TriomphDT 07Sorted RectangleDT 10Team Diamonds
Masters TeamDT 04Team HairpinDT 11CascadeDT 14Have Fun
For additional information contact:
Dave Bush
Phone: (269) 357-4032
David Bush

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