Central Park Kite Fly
This event is not sanctioned by the AKA

Date & Location:
161 & Warrior
2975 Esplanade
Grand Prairie, TX US
(AKA Region 8)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Fly
Kids Kitemaking
Kite Vendors
Food Vendors
Kite Demos
Kitemaking Competition
Fun Fly. There will be a butterfly costume contest and parade, kids zone, food vendors, kite vendor. A Monarch butterfly release and much more. Kite making. What a great way to start out the fall. This is a 172 acre park so lots of room for everyone to fly.
Kite decorating contests for most creative kite with trophys.
Age groups: 6 and under, 7 - 12, 12-16,17 and above.
Also "Youngest Kite Flyer" AND "Youngest At Heart"
Sooo, don't miss this one. Lots of fun for everyone.

This is a reschedule date for the rainout.
For additional information contact:
Stephanie Gaines
Phone: (817) 360-2720
I-20 to 161, go north to Warrior
Event runs from 10am - 2pm

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