Spring Fun Fly at the Currituck Heritage Park
(Spring Fun Fly)
An AKA Sanctioned Kite Festival

Date & Location:
The Currituck Heritage Park
1100 Club Rd.
Corolla, NC US
(AKA Region 4)
Fun Fly
Fun For All Ages
Kids Fly
National Kite Month
Kite Demos
A relaxed and fun event for everyone to celebrate springtime and the National Kite Month!
Bring your own kite, get one at our store across the street, or make a paperbag kite!
For additional information contact:
Cath Shook
1159 Austin Street
Corolla, NC 27927
Phone: (252) 453-8442
Fax: (252) 453-9332
Corolla Island Airheads and Flying Smiles Kites
Currituck Heritage Park is just past milepost 11 on Route 12 North in Corolla.
Wonderful location for kite flying in Corolla when you can't fly on the beach!
Free Parking and many other sites to see in the area!

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