Michigan Kitefest
An AKA Sanctioned Sport Kite Competition

Date & Location:
Richland Township Park
6996 N. 32nd St
Richland, MI US
(AKA Region 5)
Fun Fly
Sport Kite Competition
Kite Competition, Fun Fly
For additional information contact:
David Bush
3327 Alpine St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49004
Phone: (269) 357-4032
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Team Dualine Percision: Dt 04 Hair pin, Dt 11 Cascade, dt 14 Havefun
Novice Individual Dualine Percision: DI 03 circle over diamonds, DI13 steps, DI 07jump
Experice Individual Dualine Percision: DI 09 Octagon, DI05 Lap and snap, DI 14 register
Master Individual Dualline Percision: DI14 register, DI02 circle, Di 04 launch circle and land
Experinced Pairs Dualine:Dp06Inverted eight with landing, Dp02 squares, Dp08 twist
Masters Pairs Dualine: Dp09 the Cliff, DP0 twist, DP11 meet again
Experinced Mutiline Individual Persion: MI13 z pass, MI08 camel back, MI15 pivots
Michigan Kite Fest Comuldories Figures are as listed
This is League style. You will do free style and figures as one disciplines. Also you must fly your figures in this order.
Masters Mutiline Individual Persion; MI14 pass with upward slide, MI08 Camel back, MI06 Peak
Mutiline Pairs: Mp01 Qisses, MP04 two down, MPMp03 quadoubles
Mutiline team: MT 02 follow,slide,roll, MT06 steps and turns, MT03 v

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